Brian Boldon uses emerging technologies and earth materials to tap into human origins and post-human dreams.

Boldon received a MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a BS Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

I work in the gap between old and emerging technology.  Earth as recorder, kiln as creator, I use geologic process as a generative force tapping into human origins, cultural history and contemporary experience.  I think of material transformation as creative non-fiction, record keeping for physical phenomenon and cultural events.  Situations are assembled in kilns with unknown outcomes.  New equilibriums are discovered.  I record the present for self-reflection and navigation.  3d prints become physical records of desire and action, contemporary material culture expressing new philosophies for body/machine relationships.

3d printing porcelain has opened a direction in my work, exciting and limitless. Making art with robots signals cultural change.  We are entangled with machines, degrees of integration that challenge the definition of Human.  I am an active participant exploring relationships between automation, the body, myth, ethics and politics.  Privileged porcelain and proletariat steel are fused together challenging systems of hierarchy and class. 

Brian Boldon lives and works in Minneapolis, MN