installation variable

3d printed porcelain, digital glass prints, glass, copper, steel

 Bodyplan uses evolutionary biology and human taxonomy as actors for incremental change.  Skeletal movement and cubic volume data is used to further understand the body in motion.  Degrees of flexion are converted to radial energy automating the human gait.  Mineral, botanical, biological and mechanical elements lose their hierarchy.  New relationships form as segments of meaning assembled together to become silicate beings.


moon dream

34in. h x 34in. w x 3in. d

3d printed porcelain

Using NASA’s topographic data of the moon, I bring the Moon to Earth for temporal interaction.


american feral

4ft. h x 5ft. w x 13in. d

handbuilt, scanned, 3d printed porcelain, steel

American Feral is my response to the promise of manufacturing jobs returning to America as we replace people with machines.  Pigs and politics are at play.  Opposing materials are mixed with uncertainty.  Implications for “made it in America” are explored.  Privileged-porcelain and proletariat-steel are combined creating humorous and monstrous outcomes.  New equilibriums are discovered.