action view

48in. h x 50in. w x 50in. d

digital glass prints, glass, porcelain, mirror, aluminum, electric motor, sonic sensors

Based on a pre-cinema praxinoscope, “ActionView” is a animation and static object experience.  On approach an animation is playing.  When engaged illusion becomes static.  Move away and the animation resumes.  The body in motion controls viewer choice as spectator or collaborator.




urban redux

40in. h x 6ft. w x 7ft. d

digital glass prints, tempered glass, epoxy

Assembled from intersecting glass planes, this installation collapses time, space and place into a single psychological/physical event.


3d chair

36in. h x 27in. w x 27in. d 

digital glass print, float glass, epoxy

A 1940’s office chair is photographed while spinning. Digital images in sequence are fused to planes of glass.  Multiple images superimpose to create a 3-D holographic experience.


liquid gunlocke

installation variable

digital glass prints, porcelain, video, aluminum

Suspended, spun, and continuously photographed, images of a Gunlocke chair are captured as oozing reflections in mirrored Mylar.  Fluid distortions transform, deform and replicate.  Corporal and perceptual interaction is transitory.

Technology is used to explore degrees of separation from physical experience.



episodic recollection

installation variable

digital ceramic prints, porcelain, aluminum

Domestic reflections are captured in mirrored Mylar.  Inversion and distortion slows recognition.  Recollection, the way we store and retrieve past experience is accessed.



looking and blindness

50in. h x 12in w x 7in. d

digital glass prints, slumped glass, LEDs, electricity, aluminum

Looking and blindness reveals our evolving relationship with technology and the space we create for the body in a predominantly visual culture.  The eye image suspended in glass reverses our vision from receiver of external information to projector of interior experience.


sensing wide

1ft. h x 5ft. w 4ft.d   installation variable

digital ceramic prints_earthenware_aluminum_silicone_nylon 

Vision and touch are removed from the body and embedded in a rational system of folding geometry.  There is an effort to integrate our senses with basic structures and systems of physical matter.


mechanical skin

6in. h x 32in. w 42in. d

digital ceramic prints, earthenware 

Body realities are captured photographically and scaled up for evaluation.  Bio- mechanical potentials are explored.


cerebral twin

3.5ft. h x 7ft. w x 20in. d

grayscale porcelain, acrylic, silicone

From the Virtual Hospital digital brain images shifted from grid to triangular array.  Assembled in grayscale porcelain, the brain becomes crystalline.  Twining occurs.  This inorganic process of self-replication suggests silicon-based life potential.


human ground

2.5ft. h x 5ft. w x 5ft.d

colored porcelain, epoxy

Color porcelain prisms are assembled as crystalline solids becoming a ground for electronic images of the human head.  



visible human

7ft. h x 20ft. w x 7ft. d

porcelain, aluminum, epoxy, aluminum, internal lighting

A cross section of the human head from the Visible Human Project is the source for this installation.  The electronic image is scaled, mapped and fused to 30,000 translucent porcelain cubes.  Image, form, and light create a physical, material body landscape revealing our organs of sight.